A crowd of 400 teamed up for HOPE’s charity walk for autistic children
Time: A crowd of 400 t Address:

On the occasion of the 17th World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April, HOPE International Education and Shanghai Clover Autism Children Centre, South Baby Autism Children Centre and Xing Ning Children’s Rehabilitation Centre jointly held a charity walk for autism children in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou on 30th and 31st March. The purpose of this event was to send warmth and care to children with autism and their families, while also calling on the general public to understand and support the autism community. The event in Shanghai took place in the beautiful Shanghai Botanic Garden. Over 300 participants from Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai College of Politics and Law, Shanghai Middle School International Division, Hongwen International School, Huayu Middle School, Luwan Middle School, Gaoanlu Primary School, HOPE students and their parents, HOPE staff and partner companies formed over 28 teams to join this annual event. University of Southampton, HOPE’s partner UK university also sponsored the event. The number of participants was a record high this year compared with previous years.

The number of people participating in charity walk for autistic children in

Shanghai set up a record high of over 300 this year.

Apart from charity walk, the event also integrated the charity sale of autistic children’s paintings, quiz of autism knowledge and protecting biodiversity, collages of autism pictures, contest of promoting autism awareness in social media. At the main venue, the charity sale and art exhibition attracted a big crowd to donate their love to autism children. The painting by the autism teenager Xuan Xuan became the focus. Xuan Xuan's paintings were full of unique artistic style, with each stroke expressing deep emotions and perceptive imagination, allowing audiences to feel his inner world.

Interesting autism picture collages

Autistic Children’s paintings on exhibition and charity sale

On this special day, representatives from participating institutions and companies shared their comments on this meaningful event. Zoe Yao, Regional Regional Head of International Recruitment and Partnerships, University of Southampton, said after being awarded “Star of Advocating” prize that the University always try to demonstrated its social responsibility through practical actions. She called on everyone on site to work together to help autism children grow and create a warm and friendly growth environment for them.

Zoe Yao, U of Southampton call on creating a friendly environment for autistic children

Alex Wen, General Manager of HOPE Shanghai, recalled that HOPE has been working with Shanghai Clover Autistic Children Rehabilitation Centre for decade to raise the awareness of the general public on autism and supporting the autistic children and their families.A series of events have been organized by HOPE and Shanghai Clover including charity walk, charity cycling, charity photo contest, auction and charity sales of autistic children’s painting. 3 years ago, HOPE and Shanghai Clover also launched a training course for volunteers that over 80 students has participated so far.

Alex from HOPE recalled HOPE’s decade-long experience in supporting autism community

"Light up the Starry Sky hand in hand as a united band" gathered the love and strength of various sectors of society, allowing the autistic children to feel the warmth of society. Other than Shanghai, HOPE Hangzhou and Nanjing offices have also held such charity walk so as to raise the awareness of the public.

Charity walk in Hangzhou by West Lake

Charity walk in Nanjing before the old city wall