Challenges and opportunities in China market for overseas schools
Time: Challenges and o Address:

We were in BBSW and St Alphe Secondary Focus in HK recently, and met many of schools from UK and all over the world to discuss the market trend and opportunities in China as well as how we can help you enter/re-enter the market after the pandemic. I would love to share a summary of the above as follows:

1. China market for schools is becoming very competitive. Destination country is becoming more diversified, particularly competition from the international schools from nearby countries and regions such as Singapore Thailand, Hong Kong and even those in China. The possible fee increase due to VAT imposition in the UK has also been circulated among parents, although parents still think UK is a good choice due to the sophisticated boarding school system, safe environment and choices of schools available. We have seen an increase of Year 7, Year 9 entry compared with unanimously Yr11 and 12 enry in the past. 

2. Schools need to plan both short and long term strategy to recruit in China. For short term, it is important to visit the market regularly(twice a year) to attend some promotion events/SMALL fairs and provide training for our counsellors; For mid and long term, it is equally important to work with a few schools in China. By establishing school link, you can promote your summer programme, term time short stay programme(1wk to 1 term) and then convert some students for your long term programme. It is important to set up these short programme if you have not one at mement. 

3. HOPE is planning a series of events for our partner schools later in the autumn (Mid/later Oct) including mini school fair, school link forum. you are welcome to visit us and attend the events then. Meanwhile, we have quite a few partner Chinese schools asking us to find overseaspartner schools. If you are interested in discussing the potential partnership with them, please let me know asap, and we can arrange an online meeting first with the school. 

Daniel Zheng, Director, HOPE International Education