‘Come were but the spring’ : UK boarding schools’ visits to HOPE welcomed
Time: ‘Come were but Address:

Spring is always a time for sowing when everything rising up and shining. More and more overseas partner institutions are visiting China and HOPE after Chinese New Year as “early birds catch worms”. HOPE Shanghai office has received visits of four UK boarding schools last month, which were namely Royal Hospital School, Ashford School, Westbourne College and Berkhamsted School. Three of the four schools were invited to introduce themselves to students and parents in person as well as via live broadcasting on Wechat platform with hundreds of audiences watching.

RHS headmaster Simon talking with potential students

With an increasing number of inquiries on boarding schools in the UK after pandemic, HOPE is inviting more schools to visit China and organizing various kinds of promotion events, including presentations, meetings and interviewing potential applicants, meeting parents of the current students, visiting local schools for partnership, and even attending HOPE’s charity events to raise the profile of the school. HOPE is also planning a school fair and school link forum in Shanghai later this year.


Berkhamsted Int’l Manager Chris with HOPE team; Ashford School’s live broadcasting

Maria,CEO (centre) and Susan International Admission Manager (left 3) , Westbourn

College, in HOPE Shanghai Office

In the coming weeks, we will also receive visits from Norwich School and other famous UK boarding schools.