HOPE Parents Committee gathered for new year plan on students career service
Time: HOPE Parents Com Address:

HOPE Parents committee’s first meeting in 2024 was held successfully on 14th January. The meeting discussed the committee’s new plan in 2024 and it was unanimously agreed that focus should be on providing more career service for our students, using the parents resources.

Daniel, Director of HOPE first summarized HOPE’s achievement last year, particularly the new business and services provided to to our students and our partner overseas institutions. He emphasized that HOPE is now much more than just an agent. Apart from offering students education counselling and university and visa application service, it also provides international education planning and various training for students prior to their application to overseas institutions. Besides, one of HOPE’s targets in the new year is to provide more service to students in terms of their career development. HOPE’s UK office as well as the parent committee can do much more in this respect.

Mr Xue, chairman of HOPE Parents Committee pointed out that the focus of Committee’s work in 2024 will be providing students with more internship opportunities and career guidance, particularly using HOPE and parents’ resource and relationship with local companies, institutions and government organizations. His statement was agreed widely by most of the parents representatives. One of the parents stated that it was very difficult to find a suitable internship chance in this competitive society. Therefore, she was grateful that HOPE could offer this service to enable their children to explore more internship opportunities. Most parents described what they could do in terms of internship resources. Two more parents were newly elected as committee members during the meeting. Experienced in foreign affairs and policies, both of them would be able to offer their resource in local government and stated owned enterprises.